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4/15/2009 4:48:00 PM

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A visual inspection of the interior and exterior of the home we were interested in purchasing was performed.

We felt very confident in our decision to buy a home as a result of PBI's inspection. Upon his arrival, Paul was greeted by me, my husband, the listing agent, our agent and my in-laws. I was worried that he would be overwhelmed by our presence, but Paul took it all in stride. He asked us to let him look around the home and its exterior by himself and promised to return and take us around to talk about the details of his inspection. We had a million questions, which he answered patiently. He asked us not to take notes, and to focus on asking questions and paying attention to everything we saw - he assured us that his report would cover everything he spoke about. We were with him a good two hours and there wasn't a hint of annoyance, even when our sentences started with "But I read in my book on home inspection...". There were no scare tactics or pushes to use his contacts for contracting work and he even suggested timelines for repair ("beyond due for repair" vs. "in the next five to eight years", etc.), which was very helpful in renegotiating our offer on the house. His verbal report was just as thorough as the written report, which followed via email later that day (with pictures)!. The reporting was beyond what we had expected and Paul was highly professional, with a great "bedside manner." Paranoid first-time buyers, we asked for all sorts of additional tests over the phone - mold, radon, lead paint, etc. His partner, Scott, discouraged us from going overboard and suggested we wait to see how the inspection went before ordering testing - no hard sell, which was refreshing! Once on site, Paul gave us his reasoning behind not ordering a handful of tests, which he thought were unncessary, in our case. We ended up ordering an environmental profile on the neighborhood, which thankfully only turned up minor issues. Best of all, we were told we could call any time - even years from now - for any follow up questions regarding the inspection and photos, which will be helpful as we make repairs and improvements down the road. I would highly recommend Paul and Scott's services!

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Letter of Recommendation: Clay

From: Megan C.

Hi Clay,

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!

We have a client who might have a mold problem... She has had 2 environmental air testing companies come in and she got 2 different answers. One company told her everything is fine, and the other told her everything must go.

I appreciate your insight! Thanks!!!

Megan C.
Claims Coordinator

From: Clay


I certainly do- they are HIGHLY respected Indoor Air Quality professionals. The name is PBI, Professional Building Inspectors- number is 631-897-5872 Scott Gressin is the gentlemen's name. If client opts to have testing done she needs to be prepared for a third result but their price includes lab testing and remediation protocol for a restoration company to follow. They also provide clearance testing after the remediation is done to guarantee that the job was done properly. The results are considered a legal document. These folks are unbiased and not affiliated with any particular restoration company. Their pricing is also the best around. Looking forward to lunch.


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Customer Letter: Marne

Hi Linda

Per our conversation, Paul was exactly what I was expecting. I got tons of dad-like tips for the apartment!! Thank you so much! I will be sure to recommend PBI to everyone I know!!


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Property Manager Recommendation: Alan

Hi Stella,

I hope you are impressed with Paul's knowledge and professionalism. I have known him for 30 years, and he has always done superior work.

Paul is internationally known as a leading expert in building construction, environmental air quality and alarm systems, and his opinions are highly respected.

The Anchorage will continue to use him as a consultant, and I trust that you will keep his contact information in your files and pass it along to David and all of your property managers.


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Customer Letter: Lisa S.


Thanks for the good news; glad to know we don't have a mold problem. I've shown the report to Tracy, and brought to her attention your recommendations. I'm sure she'll want to act on them once our busy holiday season is over. Thank you for your prompt response; should the need arise in the future, we would not hesitate to employ your services again, and would certainly refer you to our clients.

Best regards,
Lisa S.

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Bermuda Ministry of Education and Development - Letter of Referral

Finance and Corporate Services
TELEPHONE: (441) 294-9016 FAX: (441) 294-9030

4th June 2007

To Whom it May Concern

Re: Reference for PBI Inc.

I take this opportunity to write this open letter of recommendation for PBI Inc. We have dealt primarily with Mr. Paul Gressin, of PBI, and we have found his service to be at all times exemplary. We were in a situation of panic and desperation, with a school closed due to mould problems and no end in sight to the anxiety of the staff and students. Due in no small part to Mr. Gressin's sensible approach, his calm and professional demeanour, we were able to get the students back in school much more quickly than we expected. PBI was always accessible, always professional, and always informative. No matter what our questions or concerns, Mr. Gressin was ever mindful and sensitive with his answers, apart from being thorough and prompt. He was available to come to Bermuda at a moment's notice, and his fees were always fair and clearly documented.

We have also used PBI to conduct indoor air quality assessments of all of our schools, which he did in an exceptionally timely and cost-effective fashion, only carrying out tests where merited. The Ministry of Education of Bermuda has come to rely on PBI for advice, and we are pleased to recommend their services to anyone. PBI made us feel at ease, no matter how large or small the concern. He has educated our Facilities staff, which has stood us in good stead for addressing indoor air quality concerns in the future.

We are pleased to recommend PBI Inc. without reservations to anyone who has an indoor environmental concern. PBI Inc. is, in our view, exemplary in this field, as for the lay person it is difficult to discern between those who are trying solely for a quick profit and those who are interested in providing a valuable service for a reasonable rate. Mr. Paul Gressin is one of the latter, and a rare and fortuitous find for us at that.

Please feel free to contact the undersigned if you wish to discuss our experience with PBI Inc in more depth. We would be pleased to speak to anyone on their behalf.

Yours truly,
Jeane Butterfield, M. Arch, CFM, CFMJ
Facilities Manager
Ministry of Education, Sports and Recreation

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Customer Letter: Rob Epervary

Mr. Paul Gressin,

Thank you for your courtesy, your kind advice, and for doing such an outstanding job! It was my pleasure to meet you yesterday. You are a true professional and a gentleman. As I move forward with this purchase, I can rest assured my new home was inspected by the best in the business!

Best regards,
Rob Epervary

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Customer Letter: Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library

Dear Mr. Gressin,

As the remediation project on the lower level of the Library Building came to a close, I could not help but appreciate the expeditious manner in which you were able to address our concerns. Beginning with the testing and initial reports, through the acquisition of proposals, award of the contract, the project's management, and finally concluding with the closing out process, your attention to the Library's needs could not have been better.

Thank you again.

William Ferro
Library Director
Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library

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