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Long Island NY Commercial Mold Testing

Mold can be a potent indoor health hazard in your business. In commercial buildings, the need for mold detection and mold testing can be especially vital. Unlike residential mold, which can impact a single family, commercial mold can result in widespread building sickness, affecting the health of numerous people, from school children to office workers to hospital patients.

If you have reason to believe mold could be growing in your Long Island facility, contact Professional Building Inspectors right away for a commercial mold inspection. We’re a mold testing company with over thirty years of experience in commercial inspections. Put our expertise to work for you: call or e-mail us today for commercial mold testing!

PBI uses the latest technology and adheres to the strictest standards to determine if mold is present and if a professional cleanup is necessary. Our staff holds the highest certification offered by the American Council for Accredited Certification, the CIEC, or Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant

Because PBI limits its services to testing only, we offer an unbiased assessment of your business. If a problem exists, we write a detailed report including remediation steps for a company of your choice to follow. Our staff works to locate the source of the mold in order to prevent future regrowth and we offer post-remediation mold testing to insure the job was cleaned up properly.

For commercial mold testing on Long Island, hire the experts at Professional Building Inspectors.

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