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Formaldehyde Testing for Laminate Flooring

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There is still much to learn about Corona Virus Disease 2019, however is widely accepted that general cleaning reduces the spread of pathogens. Cleanliness is on everyone’s minds these days and business owners, management companies and individuals alike want to know if their workplaces and homes are clean.

IN LIGHT OF COVID-19 A VISUAL INSPECTION IS NO LONGER A SUFFICIENT MEASURE OF CLEANLINESS. PBI offers a rapid onsite testing method called ATP testing, a proven method to measure cleanliness in commercial and residential settings. ATP testing equipment detects adenosine triphosphate (a marker of organic material left on a surface), and has been used in the healthcare, food and other industries for decades for health and safety measures.

PBI’s testing methods allow personnel to know how cleaning staff is performing, quantify cleanliness, set goals for improvement, and keep everyone cleaning to the same, measurable standard. There is no way to fully prevent viral infection spread but proper cleaning with actual, quantifiable data allows jobs to be turned over faster, holds cleaning staff accountable, and gives homeowners piece of mind.